“I felt like I was involved in the whole process, but really had to do very little work myself.”

I recently made a real estate transaction with Heidi’s help and I am delighted to VERY strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an awesome agent. My wife and I were interested in a multi-family building that was on the market, close to where we live. I sent a text message to Heidi, and within an hour she said that she talked to the seller’s agent and could get us in to see the house close-up, but we never felt pressured.

The next day she got me some information from the City’s inspectional services about the recorded history of the building, flood plain information etc., and that was helpful. We put in an offer and had some normal back and forth negotiations on the price and terms, and eventually ended up with a contract that we were comfortable with. Heidi was so very professional during this process, but most importantly, we felt that she was representing our interests and not pressuring in any way.

My life is extremely busy with a 9-5 job, running a small business on the side, and having 3 small children at home, so I was so happy that Heidi did all the footwork for me, with researching the property, arranging the inspection, and also an additional walk thru to fit my schedule. This made the whole process so much easier for us.

I have a real estate attorney-who works closely with the bank I wanted to use. Even though Heidi had not worked with her before, Heidi developed rapport right away with her and all our communication was conducted in real time by text message between the three of us, and Heidi was totally responsive to questions and issues that came up. I felt like I was involved in the whole process, but really had to do very little work myself.

Even after the closing, I needed some additional agent help as I was running into some problems with the transfer of leases for the existing tenants in the property, and Heidi was able to problem-solve and work between me and the previous owner. Always, I felt like she had my best interest in mind.


So, to sum up….I keep recommending Heidi to friends and family because we had such a great experience with her as our buyer’s agent. We never felt pressured and always felt like she was truly representing our interests in a very big investment decision. She is knowledgeable (in this case, of the Beverly, MA area) and does her homework. She is a delightful person who I hope to work with again in the future.

— E. Henrichs, Beverly